Project Description
This is a general scheduling framework able to create schedules using arbitrary constraints written in C#.

What is Schedule4Net?

It is a framework that allows a user to create a schedule from a given list of items and constraints. This does not sound spectacular, but it is an NP-hard problem. Schedule4Net tries to approximate a good solution by using a heuristic algorithm. Anyone interested can have a look at it here:

The cool thing about it is that a user can throw almost any constraint logic at it and it still manages to create a schedule out of it. Don't believe me? Just give it a try!

What it is not: this framework does not automatically execute any jobs or run tasks in a regular interval. The purpose of this framework is to solve a hard scheduling problem. If you just want to execute a process every x minutes then you could take a look at a library like Quartz.NET


The easiest way to install the lib is to use the NuGet package manager:

Coming soon

  • More examples
  • Tutorial
  • Documentation

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